Geoff Olson is a Canadian journalist whose writings on science, popular culture and politics have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Adbusters, Common Ground, This Magazine and The Off-Gaurdian. His political cartoons have appeared in Maclean's and newspapers across Canada. For three decades Olson was a weekly columnist and editorial cartoonist for The Vancouver Courier, and has supplied commentary to both CBC Radio, CBC NewsWorld and Roundhouse Radio. His work has been reproduced in journals and textbooks across the globe. In the eighties he taught astronomy at the Gordon Southam Observatory and in the Vancouver School System.
In 2015 Olson won the Canadian Community Newspaper Award in his newspaper's circulation category for editorial cartoons. In 2012 and 2014 he also won the BCYNA first prize newspaper award for the same category.


Welcome to my new online adventure as a writer and artist.

You may here because you’re a friend, family member, or a reader who contacted me in the past about my work. Or perhaps you’re someone several degrees removed, here on a recommendation. If you ended up here through some long chain of cyber-accidents, welcome.

I’m been scribbling away for decades, for newspapers and magazines. In this incarnation, my focus will be on that which makes me burn…and glow. The work will range from politics to pop culture to art, science, nature, spirituality and just about everything under the sun. The cartoons will mostly involve lampooning the general idiocy around us. No shortage of material there! One big difference this time: I’ll now have even greater freedom to write what I want and draw what I like.

I should add that I am not, nor have I ever been, a YouTube or TikTok “influencer.” But should I get sick, I may become an influenzer.

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Thanks, Geoff.

Reader Testimonials

“I just wanted to say 'kudos" for your recent brilliant essay in the Common Ground (Issue 337 - Sept 2019) - one of my favourite rags in Vancouver - mostly because of your intelligent and witty and brilliantly funny work.” - Cathy Williams

“I find your expressions and thoughts in cartoons, articles and essays very helpful in giving order and some clarity to feelings that I can not always share with friends - a solace.” - Robert Young

“...I thought I'd take the time to let you know you have people out there enjoying your reflective writing (your political cartoons are unerringly accurate, as well). So keep up the insights and clarity!” - Susan DeClerck

“So, thanks again for being the exemption from the mainstream press writing - which makes me simply not want to read newspapers anymore at all.” - Verena Boersch (Germany)

"I appreciate your biting humour and fine drawings that I have read in different venues over the years. You are not totally howling into the wind." - Alan Sirulnikoff

“The Lennon cartoon is very prescient. All your cartoons are superb. You're a brilliant cartoonist. I'm going to go back to the Courier archives and read the last 52 issues. Super, man!” - Lawrence Chanin

“Every time I experience your work in The Courier, I think to myself, I'm gonna contact you. I actually pick that paper up and go right to your work. Glad that the dinosaur media still has some room for people like you, keep it going!” - Richard Grant

“Beautiful, articulate, melodic, intelligent article on Mike Scott. You are clearly a skilled, talented, gifted writer. A joy to read - for the content and your words.Thank you!” - Maria Hauschel

Geoff, you're a genius. Not only do you do good research and say smart things, but I have trouble finding even a comma out of place in your writing. In terms of trust, this is reassuring, because you care enough for your craft to mind every detail. - Brenda Guiled

"I always enjoy your clear-visioned material - whether it is a cartoon, or article, or both. Earth needs more clear-eyed visionaries like you." - Faye Lewis

“I believe you are in the same stratosphere as Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges in your social critiques….Keep on writing!”  - Kirsten Ebsen

“I've always been one of your countless fans. You're a very clever chap and a superb writer. Most importantly, you also have balls.” - Gary Keenan

“Thank you for the article. You made me cry. Mary Reese Hicks, Bill’s mom.” (Mother of the legendary comic)

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Geoff Olson

Geoff Olson is a Vancouver-based writer, editorial cartoonist and public speaker.